Navadvip Chandra das

Navadvip Chandra das (Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK ) | Bhaktivaibhava Course (Module 1) – ONLINE

I found the Bhaktivaibhava Course to be interesting and inspiring. I benefited from the realizations of the other students and teachers, and was encouraged to think about how philosophical points could be applied in my own life. Classroom activities included group exercises, presentations, regular written assignments and tests, allowing the subject matter to be appreciated from a variety of angles.

Understanding Srimad-Bhagavatam is a lifelong activity, and the course has left me a valuable framework upon which to build further study. Each chapter of the three Cantos was covered at an overview level, and specific philosophical points and episodes within each chapter were studied at some depth.

I have personally begun to relish Srimad-Bhagavatam, and I have no doubt that my studies will allow me to preach more effectively and authoritatively. I would like to thank the teachers of the Mayapur Institute, the students who participated in the course and Sri Mayapur Dham for offering me this special opportunity. I hope to return to Mayapur to complete Module 2, Cantos 4-6.