Gayatri Rochwani

Gayatri Rochwani (Damodardesh)

Queen Kunti’s prayers helped us understand how we want more and more material pleasure and happiness which is keeping us stuck in this material world and away from Krishna. On the other hand, Qeen Kunti asks Krishna for more and more calamities so that she can always think of Him.

From the explanations given by Krishna Swarup prabhu we go to know many examples from various other scriptures and so much of application ideas. Prabhu recited so many slokas explaining us the point that gives us a very clear understanding. He also explained very nicely the silly questions which we put forward. We got to know that human form of life is golden chance and by utilizing this body in the service of Krishna we can permanently end our cycle of birth and death and by his grace go back to Godhead. I really liked all the points he told us in this course. Very interesting classes. Thank you.