HG Jalāṅgī Devi Dasi

Jalangi devi dasi joined ISKCON in 1998 in China. Her major service has been translating books and lectures of Srila Prabhupada and various ISKCON gurus into Chinese language from many years. She is a very active preacher and organized many pilgrim trips for Chinese devotees coming to the holy dhams. In 2005 she completed Bhakti Sastri in Mayapur Institute (MI) with honors. She completed TTC1 from VIHE, TTC2 from Mayapur Institute. Since 2010 she has been residing in Sridham Mayapur. She joined MI as a teacher in 2017 teaching ISKCON Disciple Course in Chinese. Besides teaching in MI, she serves in deity department taking care of the necklaces of Sri Sri Panca Tattva who are the major inspiration for her preaching.