HG Govinda Mohan Das

Having met devotees in the heart of London during his years at university, Govinda Mohan Das made reaching out to other university students his highest priority. He first visited Māyāpur through assisting a student yoga retreat and discovered sastric courses. He decided to pursue sastric education and training in Māyāpur from 2013 and has successfully graduated in, and taught some parts of Bhakti Śāstrī, Bhaktivaibhava, TTC1, TTC2, BSTTC. He facilitated the first Bhakti Śāstrī seminar in Ghana, Aug 2015 with B.A.C.E. and later facilitated similar seminars in Nigeria. He was later invited help develop, and pilot the Devotee Care Course, which was tested in places like Māyāpur, Tirupati, GEV Mumbai and Delhi. He now spends his years teaching sastric courses and seminars at centers, retreats, universities and hopes to study Bhaktivedanta in the future.