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15.05.2020 - 14.06.2020

Service Charges:
Rs. 12,000

Are you a young man aged between 18 to 25? Or are you a parent of one and think this could benefit them?

Do you want to do something fun and interesting during summer break that will help you grow spiritually and also equip you with some valuable skill sets in whatever you do next?

Do you want to learn something new and interesting?

Do you have questions like:
Why do bad things happen to good people? And, how can I answer questions about my faith to other people?
I believe in God but sometimes I have some doubts and so do my friends – how can I overcome these doubts?
Do you want to spend a whole month in Sri Dham Mayapur with other young men of your age and have the experience of a lifetime?
If the answers to any of these questions are yes and you can handle enjoying the wonderful temple programs and kirtans, days out to special spiritual places, parikramas and hearing from devotes from around the world including senior devotees, learning something along the way and off course enjoying prasadam, then what are you waiting for?

Come and join us in Sri Dham Mayapur in the beautiful setting of Mayapur Institute from 15th May to 14th June 2020 for our Youth Programme. Or if your holidays are in August, then come and join us in August 2020 for a whole month.

In addition to the above, we will provide a structured learning program in a safe and wonderful environment, covering some of the below in addition to activities and answering the questions our young people have today:

• Broaden your knowledge and understanding of our theology and Vedic knowledge, learning how to apply it in your life and how it can help your future
• Visit places of spiritual interest and importance. Understand our connection with spiritual places and India’s rich cultural heritage
• Learn about Vaisnava culture and practices – why we do what we do!
• Learn about our Saints, learn more our Srila Prabhupada – who they were, what did they do and why they are so important
• Devotional life in practice – home deity worship, the arati ceremony, about Tulsi Devi and why we worship Tulsi Devo, to name but a few
• Kirtan and Japa workshops
• ISKCON Disciple Course

And more….
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