Kṛṣṇa consciousness and Varṇāśrama

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06.03.2019 - 11.03.2019

Srila Prabhupada emphasised creating Varnashrama communities to help devotees lead a conducive satvik life for advancing in Krishna consciousness and to utilise Varnashrama system as an effective Krishna offered tool  to expand preaching and engage people from varied backgrounds and of all walks of life in Krishna conscious activities.

The course will outline the practical steps like self sufficiency in food, cloth and shelter, effective traditional educational systems and other important aspects of community building as enunciated by the Founder- Acharya Srila Prabhupada.

The course will be interactive supported by Presentations, group discussions, skits etc.

Class Time: 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM 

Venue: Nityananda Tent, MI Campus