Basic Bhagavad-gītā Study

Basic Information

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Basic Bhagavad-gītā Study, an online six months course, is designed to help the students study Śrīla Prabhupāda’s presentation of the Bhagavad-gītā in depth. Students of this online course should expect a challenging, disciplined and intensive course of study.

Course format

The course is conducted in English. Teacher-student interactions constitute the core of this course. For the purpose of this online course, the text of Bhagavad-gītā As It Is is divided into 22 lessons. These form the study content for the course. The course code is BBG and should be quoted in all correspondence.

Tests and Certification

Assessments are accomplished through tests for every lesson. Questions for the final test after the lesson tests is chosen from the entire study. Satisfactory performance in the course will result in the student receiving a certificate of successful completion issued by the Māyāpur Institute.

Method and speed of study

The student receives all lessons together at the same time. He/she goes through one lesson weekly. Every week the teacher meets the students in a virtual class and summarizes the previous week’s lesson. The teacher also answers the students’ questions on that lesson. The teacher also sends out a test which the student should complete within a week, and the cycle thus continues. After all weekly tests is the final test. The course should be finished within 6 months, failing which the student will have to re-register.

Study materials and accessories

Students should have access to the Internet. They should be able to read PDF files and attend the virtual class.


Anyone interested in taking up this course should write to and pay the course fee as per the payment procedures. The fee for this course (regardless of student’s nationality):

  • Rs 3,500 (within India)
  • USD $60 (outside India).

Next batch starting on 21st March 2019