Parenting with Bhakti


2020-02-25 To 2020-02-29

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Renew your confidence in your parenting service using bhakti principles. Childhood is the most important part of one's life and sets the tone for the complete 80 to 100 years in the life of a human being. Participants will learn how to empower their children to make a powerful impact in the world. They will be able to navigate any parenting challenge with proven discipline strategies and communication skills.

The 5 Day Course covers:  Law of Expectations, Language of Love, Ages and Stages, Engaging Cooperation, Routines vs Rules, Natural Consequences, Blossoming Your Child, Competition vs Co-operation, Process over Product, Active Recognition, Purposeful Engagement, Self-Care, and more.

Participants will learn:

- what to say when their child is defiant

- how to set up a peaceful home environment

- to internally connect with their children

- ways to deal with difficult feelings

- to recognize excellence and high character in their children

- to navigate through negative interactions

- to empower their children in difficult circumstances

- the role Krishna plays in every interaction

- that parenting is the most important service one can perform


"After taking this course, it became very easy for me to parent my children. By applying these principles in just a few hours, my children were so much happier;  we had less fighting in the house and they would listen to me immediately. I learned so many valuable lessons that will make my children into who I imagine for when they grow up - divine spiritual beings making their mark on the world."   - Param Das, Vrindavan

"Gopi Gita mataji is quite insightful in current effective teaching methods and shows deep understanding of children's psychology, learning and life challenges as well as their needs. I particularly appreciated building children up by focusing on their good qualities and empowering them to overcome their shortcomings by using their strengths. Very powerful and needed in today's world where everything is overly critical, negative and destructive." - Brhad Mrdanga Das, Secondary Teacher, Sri Mayapur International School.

"The seminar is an eye-opener about some simple ways to make students blossom as confident and happy learners. These methods are very easy to implement. I am happy that I attended the training." - Lila Vrindavan dd, Secondary Teacher, Sri Mayapur International School

Class Timings - 10:30AM to 1:30PM

Venue - MI Classroom No. 3, 2nd Floor, Chaitanya Bhawan

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