Are You Growing In Your Spiritual Life?

| 2 years ago, 1 min read

It is an arduous journey for a seed to grow into a plant and ultimately into a fruit yielding tree. Left alone in the wild, a seed may not grow as it falls on a rocky ground instead of soil. There may be too little water or too much, not enough sun light, temperatures may be extremely hot or cold for it to sprout and grow into a plant. A nursery is essential to provide a controlled environment creating favorable conditions for seeds to become plants. It provides care and instructions to grow to a fruit-yielding tree when it is taken back to its destination.

Unless we grow spiritually, we will not find satisfaction in our pursuits. Do you find yourself stagnated due to myriad distractions in this world? Are you neglecting your spiritual growth and being dormant like a seed in an unfavorable environment?

Mayapur institute provides an environment favorable to aid your growth. It would pave the path for your spiritual growth by in-depth analytical study of ancient scriptures facilitated by sincere practitioners. Take a step to grow here just like a seed taken care of at a nursery to become a plant. Go back to your place and resume your growth by applying your learning just as the plant is taken to its destination from the nursery to grow into a fruit-yielding tree.